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Stone age people knew that the Sun brought life on Earth, and
they worshiped it. The Sun is the kiss of life, and the kiss of health

Serotonin is
a neurotransmitter affected by exposure to daylight.
The more sunlight the human body is exposed to, the more serotonin
the brain produces. Higher serotonin levels result in more positive
moods, and a calm, yet focused mental outlook.

To help your Circadian rhythms stay in tune, open yourself
to Skylights.

" Don is the only person we have ever dealt with that took the time to get to know us. Very relaxing through the entire process. Thanks "
Being native to Chicago, her history and culture, owning the highest degree of professionalism and integrity is ..... innate.

Character is EVERYTHING !

Your 100% long term satisfaction with Chicago Skylights ....
... is guaranteed

A substantial amount of our residential skylight project requests come from the Naperville to Tinley Park corridor.
Our service area spans from Waukegan, to Dekalb, to Morris, to NW Indiana and the beautiful spaces between!

We believe 'hard sell techniques' are unprofessional, uncomfortable and unwelcome.

Chicago Skylights philosophy is one of calm, comprehensive consultation, calculating options and choices with your budget and aesthetic preferences in mind. We're here to ensure that you, comfortably, make an educated decision about an investment you'll truly appreciate and enjoy for years.

Our skill-set and expertise are of the highest pedigree. No other company has the technical education, and data share that Chicago Skylights has. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction and long term pleasure with our skylights.

Whether it's skylights in Chicago, skylights in Naperville, skylights in Tinley Park or skylights anywhere in the metro suburban area, Chicago Skylights is there !